Where to Go When Visiting Perth

Clarke Quay

Perth is one of the best city to visit if you ever want to come to the Kangaroo Island. It is a modern place to be where you can find beautiful beaches whichever bus you take. The area is not as populated or big as Sydney, which is an excellent thing if you are looking for peacefulness. Though the central business district will still have tall buildings and big shopping center to go to so you can get a little of both world. Here are some places that you must visit when you are inside of Perth.

Kings Park

There are a lot of parks in this world, but kings park is a special one that you do not want to miss. Aside from the history surrounding it, the park itself is a vast area of trees and grass where you can picnic, exercise, read a book, or simply enjoying the view of the city from a higher point of view since the park is located on a hill where you can see the entire city of Perth. Entering this park is free, and there is a lot of public transportation that you can use to get to this place. Consider going on weekdays and avoid weekends though if you are not a fan of crowds.

Perth Zoo

Giraffe When you compare it to other zoos, this one might appear small and not attractive. But you should not judge a zoo by the collection of animals that it has, pay attention to how they take care of their animals instead and you will have a good time spent in Perth zoo since they take great care of their animals. There are a lot of historical values from this place, and you can meet a lot of volunteers of old people that will gladly talk to you about every single of animals. Besides, the location is in the city, and the entrance fee is affordable. This place is also family friendly, and little kids would be thrilled to pay a visit have a little adventure.

Wildlife Center

animals So you come to Australia, and you want to meet a kangaroo or a koala in person, then you need to take a bus to the wildlife center. There are many that you can choose from, depending on where are you staying and which one that you feel the best to visit. Since this kind of trip will usually take you away from the city, so you will want to prepare a whole day of traveling,
wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and also not forgetting to bring water and food.